Thursday, August 11, 2011

Total Annihilation

....of my Sims game, that is.  I had to delete everything, including my saved games and all mods.  I'm afraid that if I install mods again, the same thing will happen.  I may decide to start a new story sometime in the future, completely mod-free and full of bad hair.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Raine Family Legacy--Gen 2, Chapter 1: Dollhouse

Now, before Ember died, she explained to her family, that after Miraj died, the house and all of her belongings would go to Autumn.  One would expect Acid to object to this decision, but he never cared for responsibility, and of his three sisters he liked Autumn the most.  She was an evil little thing, and he could relate.

Autumn was steadily becoming closer to Acid and less close with her sisters, so she moved into Acid's room to avoid any moral disputes that were bound to come up.

Life continued as if Ash had never been there.

Winter and Summer barely noticed his absence as they began writing trashy novels at the library.

Miraj, however, painted a portrait of Ash, although he was still more concerned about the death of his wife than his nephew moving out.

Before long, the maid became pregnant with Miraj's fifth child.  If you're wondering about the vacant look on her face, I will explain.   Before gifting her the Miraj, Ember brainwashed the maid.  She is essentially an empty shell, obedient, emotionless and unfeeling.  She can hardly be called a person, she is but a tool, a doll.

Acid joined the criminal career in his mother's footsteps, and began working out a lot.

Autumn practiced her social skills in the mirror, as she was somewhat lacking.

Miraj painted.

Then Autumn began to change.  The hunger started to grow inside her, and blood packs were no longer enough.

The job of acclimating the triplets to the hunt fell to Acid, as he was the only one left.  He led his sisters to the park where he went over the finer points of stalking and feeding on your chosen victims.  Summer was horrified and Winter was appalled.  They said they'd stick to the blood packs, and left.

Autumn, on the other hand, hung on Acid's every word, her eyes glistening with pure adoration.

Autumn watched as Acid approached a local prostitute, who is actually the younger sister of one of Ember's victims.  He enticed her to follow him with the promise of a hot meal.

Acid led them to a dark alley nearby.  Ember needed no demonstration.  She was at the woman's throat in an instant.

Acid was thrilled to see his baby sister attack so viciously.  But a passerby heard the scuffle and came to investigate.

Acid made short work of him.  Poor guy.

Acid and Autumn, feeling delightfully satisfied, walked away from the two lifeless bodies, and headed home.  A surprise awaited them.  The maid had given birth to a baby boy, Miraj Jr.  Her lack of enthusiasm is apparent.

Miraj felt a sense of accomplishment at achieving the large family he had always wanted.  It was bittersweet though, as he could not share this happy moment with Ember.

Winter and Summer may not have liked the idea of feeding on strangers in the park at night, but they were Vampires, and all Vampires relish the hunt.  These two, however preferred their hunts to end with a make out session rather than bloodshed.  So they were constantly on the phone with boys.

While her sisters flirted and chatted endlessly, Autumn worked diligently on her homework.  She took pride in her academic accomplishments.

Winter was easily the most beautiful of the three sisters...

...with Summer a close second.

Autumn was still a little awkward.

She envied her sisters, as every guy at school would kill to be with them.

Autumn wished she could melt a guy with just a look, as Winter did.

Instead she had to work very hard at it.  Luckily, many months of talking to herself in the mirror had prepared her adequately.  She knew exactly how to talk to a guy.

Don't get me wrong, in spite of living in her sisters' shadows, Autumn doesn't have a bad life.  In fact, she's quite happy.  She and Acid are always scheming and hunting.

Also, she and Belinda's little brother Ronald have become quite close.

As well as Winter and that football player, Robert.

Meanwhile, Miraj convinced Acid to paint a portait of him to hang next to Ember's.

And the maid continued to care for the new baby.

Acid grew disinterested in Belinda.  He had pursued her solely to hurt Ash anyway.  He instead turned his interests toward his very first meal.  She reminded him of his mother and he appreciated her submissiveness.

He just couldn't help himself.

Miraj was horrified.  It was not because he had any emotional attachment to the maid herself.  It was because she had been a gift from his dear wife, and Acid hadn't even bothered to ask.  But he did nothing.

Acid decided to turn her into a Vampire.

And dressed his doll up, just the way he liked.  Still Miraj did nothing.

Until he walked into his bedroom and saw this, with Junior asleep in the same room.

That was the last straw.

Miraj, as politely as he could, ask his son to leave.

Acid obliged.  He had grown tired of this place anyway.  So he put his doll in the car, and left.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I just finished reading the book 'Soulless' by Gail Carriger.  It was REALLY wonderful.  I finished most of it in one day, I couldn't put it down.  Now go read it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Raine Family Legacy--Gen 1, Chapter 10: Moving On

Acid has always been a little awkward.  He had a hard time making and keeping friends.  No one seemed to understand him, apart from his parents of course.  So while Ash was always out with his friends and girlfriend, Acid spent his time studying and painting.

One day, Belinda stopped by, with her little brother in tow.

She and Ash started their usual flirting.  Acid had never met Belinda before and he was mesmerized by her.

He just couldn't understand how his goody-two-shoes brother could land a beautiful girl like Belinda.  Like most evil Sims, Acid had an empty space in his heart that would otherwise house love and compassion in a normal person.

That hole began to fill with jealousy and anger.  But Acid held his tongue.  He knew in time he would be able to tip the scales in his direction.  Because nice guys always finish last, right?

Miraj, now confidant with his painting skill, began work on family portraits.  Ember was first.

One day after school, ember told Acid she had gotten him a belated birthday gift.

Acid walked into the upstairs broom closet, that had always been strictly off-limits, to find their maid locked up inside.  Now, around the time a Vampire becomes a teenager, their fangs begin to grow in.  Acid had been begging his mother to take him hunting for some time.  But let's face it, Ember is not as young as she used to be, and between Ember's work and Acid's school, it was hard to find the time.

So this would have to do.  Ember demonstrated first.

And Acid followed suit.  He was a natural.  (but looks completely ridiculous with fangs <3 )

Feeling extremely empowered and confidant with fresh blood churning inside him, he paid a visit to Belinda.

His awkwardness seemed to melt away and he had her swooning in minutes.

Her lips were sweet honey victory.  In that moment, he began to understand what it meant to be a Vampire, and he knew that, if he set his heart to it, he could have anything he wanted.

Back at home, Acid couldn't stop thinking about Belinda and was dying to rub it in Ash's face, but that wasn't quite enough.  He would wait for the perfect moment.

Miraj completely lost track of time while he painted the hours and days away.

And before he knew it, Father Time caught up to him.

Ember decided to give him the maid as a birthday present.

Miraj was very confused by this gift, but Ember explained that he could use the maid in order to achieve his dream of having five children.  Miraj was so touched by this act of generosity from his admittedly evil girlfriend.  She really was going soft in her old age.

Miraj got to work straight away.

Meanwhile Acid had his plan all set.  Ash would be at school late fixing the boiler, so Acid invited Belinda over to the house.  He waited until he heard the cab slow to a stop, and then grabbed Belinda and kissed her as passionately as he could.

Ash was furious.

Ash:  "How could anyone be so evil?  You're supposed to be my brother!"
Acid:  "Half-brother, actually.  Your dad's buried out back, remember?"

Acid :  "Just face it, Ash, you're a pathetic little human loser.  Your girlfriend dropped you for me in a heartbeat."

Then it got violent.

Ash decided he would never speak to Acid or Belinda after that night.

Acid was on cloud nine however, and it showed in his paintings.

Ash turned to the guitar that he fished up from the ocean, believe it or not.

On a different note, the ghosts of Ember's victims had become unexpectedly unruly.  This has become a typical night in the Raine house.

It's also not unusual to find one of the boys' friends jumping on the trampoline at 4am.

To his great relief, the day Ash would become an adult finally arrived.

Miraj bought him a cake again.

He's stunning as always.  (his final trait is bookworm)

Now being an adult, Ash felt a sense of maturity and realized he was unhappy about the way he had ended things with Belinda.  He had no desire to be with her again.  He just wanted to make amends.  So he headed straight to her house.  He got quite the shock when the door opened.  As it turns out, Belinda has a twin sister.  Her name is Bonnie.  He quickly forgot what he had come to do, and got to know Bonnie instead.

He fell for her hard and fast, as hopeless romantics always do.  Bonnie was about to become an adult herself, so Ash invited her to celebrate her birthday at his house.

Now that she was of legal age, he immediately put the moves on her.  She did not resist.

They were an official couple that same day.

Really official.

Then Ember started this weird red glowing thing.  Is that because she just became The Emperor of Evil?

Then it was birthday time for the triplets.

Summer:  (natural cook)

Autumn:  (friendly)

Winter:  (handy)

Ash returned home from playing his guitar in the park one day, to find Acid chatting up Bonnie.

It took all of Ash's strength to keep from breaking Acid's nose right then and there.  But he turned away, telling himself over and over that Acid wasn't worth the effort.  He grabbed Bonnie's hand instead and led her down to the beach.  He explained everything that had happened with Belinda.  Bonnie was surprisingly understanding and assured him that she would never hurt him like that.

Then she changed into a very strange outfit and confessed that she was pregnant with his child.  First time's the charm, I guess.

He was very excited and checked on her all the time.

Ash couldn't care less, but he attended Acid's birthday at the request of his father.

Surprisingly, he grew into a very handsome adult.  (last trait is dramatic)

And at the ripe old age of 95, Ember finally let go.

She told the reaper she wasn't quite finished, but death waits for no one.

If home is were the heart is, Ash isn't in the right place.  His mother's death really put this in perspective.

He knew that his heart lay here in Bonnie's house, but it wasn't until he held his newborn son that he realized exactly why that was.

After his son's birthday, he decided to tell Bonnie how he was feeling.

He told her he loved her and their son, and that he wanted to be with them always.

Bonnie had secretly been worried that this day would never come.  She was surprised and overjoyed, and said she wanted to get married right away.

They didn't need a party or a fancy cake, all they needed was each other.

Ash moved in with Bonnie that day, and never looked back.

(I've pretty much decided that Autumn will be the next heir, but I'd LOVE to know what everyone thinks.  Please post who you'd choose as heir in the comments!)